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Piscine de l'hébergement
Bains romains


Accommodation, the village of Dorres

On site you will find:

  • A rehabilitated farm, into a holiday home accommodating up to 77 people.

  • Rooms ranging from 2 to 12 beds.

  • Two large activity rooms, an outdoor play area, a covered terrace and a swimming pool accessible in summer.

Located in the Eastern Pyrenees, in the heart of Cerdanya, the village of Dorres has just under 200 inhabitants. Its average altitude is 1,440 m.

You reach the village by a small road starting from Villeneuve-des-Escaldes. Granite is the dominant rock in Dorres. It has always been exploited in quarries. It is in particular with the granite of Dorres that were built the thermal establishment of Escaldes and very many houses of Cerdagne.

A few meters from the accommodation, there are Roman baths, the town of Dorres offers you to relax and warm up in naturally hot baths.

Going up to 40c °, the Dorres baths have virtues for the respiratory tract, the skin and of course, offers you a spectacular view of the mountains.

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